Actualizing the Consent of the Governed

LuckyFriday Governance

Unlocking new ways of thinking about organizations, web3 disrupts the status quo.

One of our core objectives is to onboard enterprise participants (both corporate and fund/investor) to governance. Our team supports the most sophisticated of new entrants in all functional disciplines, yet we will always maintain our footing within the communities that form the foundation of web3. 

Central to the mission is a focused effort to enhance on-chain governance participation by suggesting best practices at the main project, derivative or connected multichain level.

Leveraging the groundbreaking work that several teams have already brought to governance infrastructure, we focus on promoting adoption, engagement, and community activism at the holder level. Over time, we hope to help reduce the friction and time delay that currently exists between governance processes and rapid protocol development. 

While many project teams will be singularly (and properly) focused on “ship or die” – we will continue to be tireless advocates for interoperability in a multichain world as a key priority on the roadmap of every project team.

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