Great People Doing Good

LuckyFriday CommunityLucky Friday has built a lot of things – most importantly, a purpose-driven team committed to bettering the social good. As we like to say, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.

Central to all Lucky Friday initiatives, community development and social good is such an important priority for our team that we have designated it as an equal pillar of our operating mission. 

The track record of our team speaks for itself: Members of the Lucky Friday team have led charitable foundations, started schools for the underserved, worked for groundbreaking anti-human trafficking initiatives, created mental health organizations, ensured rural African villages have drinking water, built organizations for at-risk children and much more. 

From within Lucky Friday, each of us brings these principles front and center into our Web3 lives. We embrace the ethos of social change that is central to crypto, and recognize many unique opportunities to develop leadership for social good. Above all, we will tenaciously leverage all Lucky Friday initiatives to attain this goal.

We are proud to have created and launched Teddy DAO – an initiative with JustGivingMoonbeam and GlobalStake that we hope will better the lives of thousands around the globe.

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