Where NFTs Meet Utility

LuckyFriday NFT World NFTs have the power to redefine value and disrupt industries. Whether providing ownership, access, community or any form of real world utility, NFTs are a dynamic and untapped resource. With our NFT roots in the successful Kusama Kingdom project, we are thrilled to have launched Teddy DAO.

Teddy DAO is a truly remarkable project
blending NFT’s with social good.

More than just a collection of NFTs, participating in an auction makes a difference to the charity of your choice. In partnership with Just Giving we are demonstrating the power of decentralized projects to drive real-world change and make a positive impact.

Visit Teddy DAO to see the power of an NFT in action – brought to you by Lucky Friday.

We are always looking to innovate and create utility, so if you want to collaborate or have an idea you want to bring to life, reach out!

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